Sparrow Slingshot


The Sparrow slingshot is the first production slingshot in the Fowler Signature Series by SimpleShot and it is an EXACT replica of Zach Fowler’s handmade original.

Available in Green and Black.


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The Sparrow slingshot represents what every good slingshot should…a pleasant shape, pocketable, and capable of profound fun right out of the package. Designed and to be shot with a high fork hold, the Sparrow slingshot’s over-the-top design affords the shooter a very intuitive fork-supported grip and may also accommodate a pinch grip for those with mitts big enough.

Molded in super-tough thermoplastics to SimpleShot quality standards.

Made in China at the same factory that makes our slingshot latex for a lifetime of use, it is then it’s┬ápackaged up and shipped from our warehouse in North Carolina.

Although it does not sport a mechanical band attachment method often seen on other slingshots of today, part of the charm is taking the time to tie your bands on in the traditional wrap and tuck method (just like a natural slingshot).

The Sparrow Slingshot with pinch grip. The Sparrow Slingshot with hammer grip. The slingshot Fowler uses. Featured on The Go Big Show. Sparrow Slingshot with Hammer Grip This slingshot is pure simplicity and slingshot joy. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Sparrow comes with a paracord lanyard and 2 sets of bands suitable for 3/8″-7/16″ steel ammo or 1/2″ marbles (not suitable for rocks).

When you purchase a Sparrow slingshot, you’ll be sent all the supporting materials you could need right off the bat. We will follow up with your Sparrow Owners Manual (delivered right to your email) and a special setup video. And when you receive your Sparrow slingshot, you’ll be able to: Register your purchase to kick off your Sparrow warranty and receive expedited support whenever you need it.

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