Can Cannon Soda Launcher


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AR-15 Soda Can (67mm) Modular Launching device for soda cans.

AR LOWER, dust cover, forward assist, charging handle and Bolt Carrier Group, and Golf Ball Adapter not included, you’ll need to use your own.

Launch full, un-opened 12oz cans of whatever you want. When used with standard mil-spec blanks and fired at an optimum angle it can reach an average distance of 105+ yards!

Actual product might differ slightly from photo due to variations from the factory.  Could be mil-spec or billet upper.

Cannot be shipped to California, Connecticut, Illinois, Delaware, Detroit, MI, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Maryland, Washington state, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico. 

(compare to X-Products launcher at $389 with no blanks)